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Assistant Prof. Johnny Ong

Dr Johnny Ong is a Consultant in the Department of Sarcoma, Peritoneal and Rare Tumours (SPRinT), Division of Surgery and Surgical Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore. He is also the Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of Applied Human Genetics in NCCS.

Dr Johnny is currently one of the only formally trained surgeons for sarcoma in Singapore. He was awarded the Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) Fellowship in 2018 to be trained at one of the largest soft tissue sarcoma units in Europe, the Royal Marsden Hospital, UK, and also underwent a clinical observership at the renowned Sarcoma Unit in the Instituto Nazionale Tumori in Milan. He aspires to be a key opinion leader in the field of sarcoma and to advance the care of sarcoma in Singapore and Asia Pacific. Dr Johnny is also an EXCO member of the Asian Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Group (APSMG), an international consortium of regional medical centres which aims to increase awareness and improve standards of management for peritoneal malignancies in Asia.

Dr Johnny has trained and practiced extensively in the Surgical Oncology unit in the treatment for peritoneal disease. Spurred on by his interest in scientific research, Dr Johnny pursued a PhD in the Department of Oncology at the University of Cambridge, UK, which was funded by the NRF-MOH research scholarship. His PhD experience coupled with his clinical background has provided him a firm understanding of the pathogenesis of peritoneal disease. Due to his interest in translational science, Dr Johnny was awarded the NMRC Transition Award in 2017 and will continue to strive towards his goal as a surgeon-scientist, setting his sights on battling peritoneal disease by identifying novel mutations and biomarkers that could serve as diagnostic or prognostic markers of disease as well as to identify novel therapeutic strategies.

Dr Johnny is passionate about medical education and mentoring medical students, junior doctors, and aspiring clinician-scientists. He is an inspiration to many young aspiring doctors as evident by the multiple Teaching and Special Recognition Awards received. His students speak fondly of Dr Johnny’s passion in nurturing the next generation, ensuring that the upcoming doctors are competent and always maintaining the patients as their first priority.

Published Work

Hendrikson, J., Liu, Y., Ng, W. H., Lee, J. Y., Lim, A. H., Loh, J. W., ... & Ong, C. A. J. (2022). Ligand-mediated PAI-1 inhibition in a mouse model of peritoneal carcinomatosis. Cell Reports Medicine, 3(2), 100526.


Thiagarajan, S., Tan, J. W. S., Zhou, S., Tan, Q. X., Hendrikson, J., Ng, W. H., ... & Ong, C. A. J. (2021). Postoperative inflammatory marker surveillance in colorectal peritoneal carcinomatosis. Annals of surgical oncology, 28(11), 6625-6635.

Ong, X. Y. S., Sultana, R., Tan, J. W. S., Tan, Q. X., Wong, J. S. M., Chia, C. S., & Ong, C. A. J. (2021). The Role of Total Parenteral Nutrition in Patients with Peritoneal Carcinomatosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Cancers, 13(16), 4156.


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