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Dr. Willemien J van Driel

Since 2004 Willemien van Driel is a gynecological-oncologist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute within the Center of Gynecologic Oncology Amsterdam (CGOA). Following her PhD on Immunological therapeutical aspects for cervical carcinoma, she specialized in gynecology and subspecialized in gynecologic oncology at Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands and Barts Hospital/Royal Marsden hospital in London, UK. Since the moment she started working as a gynecologic oncologist she has been involved in the national and international gynecological oncology community. Since 2005 she became a member of the Dutch national evidence based guideline committee on ovarian carcinoma and in 2009 she was one of the founding members of the Dutch Gynecologic Oncology Group (DGOG). As of 2010 until 2013, she chaired the national multidisciplinary guideline committee for gynecological oncology in the Netherlands and from 2013-2018 she chaired the Dutch gynecologic-oncological society (WOG) which is the professional organization of Gynecologic-oncology in the Netherlands. As of 2013, she is a member of the scientific committee of the Dutch Gynecological Oncology Audit (DGOA), which she chairs since 2018. Since 2004, she is local PI for several national and international clinical studies on gynecological oncology in the Netherlands cancer institute and with the OVHIPEC trial group, she conducted the OVHIPEC 1 study. She is currently PI of the OVHIPEC 2 study, which started accrual in 2020 and is involved in the project initiated by the IGCS to gain insight in global disparities in care for patients with ovarian carcinoma worldwide.

Dr. Willemien J van Driel: TeamMember
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