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Prof. Dr. April Camilla Roslani

Professor Dr. April Roslani graduated in 1995, and received the Master of Surgery in 2003. In 2007, she established University Malaya Medical Centre’s (UMMC) Colorectal Surgery Unit, which is now the largest in the country, and a key stakeholder in colorectal training and services nationally and regionally. She is currently Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya.
Her areas of expertise include surgery for colorectal cancer, proctology, surgical training and professionalism. She established the first Malaysian CRS and HIPEC service in UMMC, which is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team. In addition, she led the development of a new national training curriculum for general surgery, and is spearheading the training of trainers, across all specialties, nationally. Discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment and harassment in the workplace, in addition to advocacy for women, are recent foci of her work.
She is the President for the Malaysian Society of Colorectal Surgeons, immediate Past-President for the College of Surgeons, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Federation of Coloproctology. She also chairs the Conjoint Committee for Postgraduate Medical Degrees. Through these and other related roles, she works towards advancing surgical standards, and fairness in the workplace.

Prof. Dr. April Camilla Roslani: TeamMember
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